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Healthy alternatives to prosecution can help domestic violence victims

from the Op Ed by Leigh Goodmarch in the New York Times:

Criminal prosecution should be available for people who want to take that route. But for those who want, for whatever reason, to continue their relationships with their abusive partners, other options should be offered. Those options could include restorative justice processes. 

Restorative justice is a practice centered on the idea that justice can be about healing instead of simply punishment. It emphasizes repairing harms rather than punishing crimes, giving victims and offenders the opportunity to engage in dialogue around the harm itself, assessing the impact on the victim and outlining the steps necessary to ensure offender accountability and meet the victim’s needs.

Sep 18, 2014

Justice takes to the streets of LA

from the article by Mike Feuer in Los Angeles Times:

Since charter reform paved the way for neighborhood councils, Los Angeles has made steady progress toward a more neighborhood-centered government. But up to now, that hasn't included neighborhood-centered justice.

Sep 17, 2014 , , , , ,

The truth about Truth Commissions: Why they do not function optimally in post-conflict societies

from the article by Matiangai V.S. Sirleaf in Cardozo Law Review:

Countries that have undergone conflict generally experience extreme violence, social disruption, human suffering, and economic destruction, while authoritarian rule is characterized by the concentration of power in a small group of politicians who maintain control through the exclusion of political challengers and political repression. 

Sep 16, 2014 , , , ,

Restorative justice is a win-win

from the article by John D. Due Jr. for

....The larger question this case raises is the role of the police force in a community. Is it to be at war with the community on a militarized basis to destroy the enemy in a zero-sum game of winners and losers? Does this mean we need to train our police in anti-terrorism and war games with a military orientation of being a winner against a loser?....

Sep 15, 2014 , , ,

Oklahoma teen acts to right his father's wrong

from the report by Steve Hartman on CBS News:

Seventy-eight-year-old Tona Herndon of Bethany, Okla., was vulnerable in every way. Her husband of 60 years had died just two weeks earlier....

She was mugged as she visited her husband's grave.

The mugger got away with her purse and $700, but not for long. Police caught him, and the news put his mug shot on TV.

Fifteen-year-old Christian Lunsford says the first time he saw the picture, he recognized it "in detail." He had no doubt that it was his dad....

Sep 12, 2014 , ,

Are restorative justice conferences effective in reducing repeat offending? Findings from a Campbell Systematic Review

from the article by Sherman, Strang, Mayo-Wilson, Woods and Ariel in Journal of Quantitative Criminology:

Restorative justice conferences [RJCs] delivered in the manner tested by the ten eligible tests in this experiment appear likely to reduce the future frequency of detected and prosecutable crimes among the kinds of offenders who are willing to consent to RJCs, when victims are also willing to give consent to the process. 

Sep 11, 2014 ,

Interview with Jon Collins, Restorative Justice Council CEO

from the Restorative Justice Council website:

“While there’s quite a lot of support for restorative justice now within the criminal justice context, I think that there’s work to do at the national level in other sectors - for example, in education, in care homes, in other areas where people come into conflict - to make sure that restorative practices can be rolled out across all those areas.”

Sep 10, 2014 , , ,

Community based sociotherapy in Rwanda: healing a post-violent conflict society

from the article by Jean de Dieu Basabose:

....Sociotherapy is simply understood by Nvunabandi and Ruhorahoza (2008:65), two of the facilitators of the sociotherapy program, as a way to help people come together to overcome or cure their problems. 

Sep 09, 2014 , , ,

Watch out for new environmental enforcement laws

from the entry by Elizabeth Sivell on Lexology:

The Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Bill 2014, introduced to the Legislative Assembly on 12 August, proposes to strengthen NSW environmental enforcement laws, and introduces the concept of ‘restorative justice’ into environmental enforcement.

Sep 08, 2014 ,

Protective Behaviours: A new approach to being safe

from the blog entry by Liz Bates on Health Education Service:

There is a difference between telling children and young people what is a dangerous situation or dangerous behaviour, and helping them to recognise for them selves what it means to feel safe or unsafe.

Sep 05, 2014 ,

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