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Putting victims at the heart of justice

from the article in the Oldham Evening Chronicle: 

Greater Manchester’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) wants to use restorative justice to put victims at the centre of the punishment process. 

Tony Lloyd and his new deputy Jim Battle set out their plans to encourage offenders to take responsibility for their actions by apologising to their victim and repairing damage. 

Sep 02, 2013 , , ,

ACPO publish Restorative Justice Guidance and Minimum Standards

from the Restorative Justice Council:

The Association of Chief Police Officers has published Restorative Justice Guidance and Minimum Standards. Police forces local procedures should complement these ACPO standards and refer to RJC Best Practice Guidance for Restorative Practice (2011) for more detailed guidance.

Mar 04, 2013 , , , ,

Durham's chief constable wants restorative justice

from the article by Neil McKay for the Evening Chronicle:

Britain's newest chief constable has revealed he does not dislike criminals.

Mike Barton, who is heading up the Durham force, made the admission as he was officially confirmed as the man in charge yesterday.

But he quickly added: “I hate what they do, that is why I am in favour of a restorative justice programme.

Feb 19, 2013 , , , ,

Restorative justice "is a postcode lottery"

from the article on

....The report said that restorative justice does offer benefits to victims, offenders and communities and it is being used in all areas of the criminal justice system – but patchy take-up and inconsistent application mean that not all victims, offenders and communities are able to benefit.

Oct 08, 2012 , , , , , ,

Kidderminster magistrate concerned about cases dealt with outside court

from the article by William Tomaney in The Shuttle:

In the area covered by West Merica Police - Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin - 3,594 community resolutions were handed out in 2010/11, compared to 2,167 in 2009/10.

Chairman of the bench at Kidderminster Magistrates Court, Jill Gramann, said magistrates thought the figure was too high.

Mar 21, 2012 , , , , ,

Leicestershire Pc Sandie to give US cops policing lesson

from the article in This Is Leicestershire:

New York State's police are to get a lesson in policing from a county copper.

Pc Sandie Hastings will be heading across the Atlantic for a two-week stint with a US police department to teach its officers about restorative justice.

The 58-year-old has been responsible for training her Leicestershire colleagues – and thousands from other British forces – in the concept, in which offenders are made to put right the consequences of their crimes rather than face court action.

She will explain the idea to the officers of Rochester Police Department, who patrol the city with the highest per capita homicide rate in New York State.

Feb 23, 2012 , , , , , ,

Call for restorative justice review

from the article on UTV News:

Schemes carried out by Community Restorative Justice Ireland need to be reviewed according to an independent report.

A Criminal Justice Inspection report has revealed only one case has been referred by the community restorative justice system to police in Northern Ireland since 2007.

....The 19-page report, found despite four recommendations being fully achieved and one partially achieved, several issues remain to be addressed.

Aug 08, 2011 , , , , , ,

Restorative justice vs perfomance targets....

from UKPOLICEONLINE Discussion Forum:

Hello all,

My force are introducing restorative justice as an alternative to court, and this will primarily be aimed at young offenders. Restorative justice has received a mixed reception and was hoping forum members could share their thoughts and experiences from their own forces. I think its a good idea, and a move away from chasing performance targets has got to be a good think, or are performance targets still applied?? any thoughts gratefully received.

Aug 24, 2010 , , , , ,

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