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"Restorative justice" to reintegrate youth-at-risk into society

from Wayne Chan's article in

Minister of State for Home Affairs, Masagos Zulkifli recommended using "restorative justice" to divert delinquent youth away from the court justice system. 

He said this at the 1st Singapore Restorative Conference which kicked off on Thursday.

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Law is more than a profession, it's a calling: "Making a difference" through restorative justice

from the article by Michael C. Deering:

Before entering law school, a soon-to-be attorney dreams of “making a difference.” He dreams of representing clients as he advocates for truth and justice, as he lends his voice to those who cannot speak, as he defends the innocent and the young, and sets the wrong to right. 

Then, reality sets in. Dreams of justice and zealous representation give way to stress and the everyday rigors of law school. Reading, briefing, and writing overwhelm the student. After three years of arduous work, the student graduates. Facing bar preparation, job searching in an economy that causes seasoned attorneys to shudder, and a mountain of educational debt, the graduate accepts work wherever he can find it. 

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