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I just hugged the man who murdered my son

told by Mary Johnson and Oshea Israel on National Public Radio's StoryCorps:

While most StoryCorps interviews are between family and friends, this conversation comes from two people who easily could have been enemies.

In 1993, Oshea Israel was a teenage gang member in Minneapolis, Minnesota. One night at a party Oshea got into a fight, which ended when he shot and killed another boy.

Now 34, Oshea has finished serving his prison sentence for second-degree murder.

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7 steps to stopping violence in relationships

from Ken Kimsey's entry on Fairness Works:

A seven-step tutorial for people involved in relationship conflicts is available online, free of charge, from the Conflict Resolution Information Source. Intended for educators and instructors, the course was designed by the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

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Victim's daughter meets IRA bomber: An interview with Jo Berry

by Lisa Rea

On October 12, 1984 an IRA bomb planted by Patrick Magee demolished Brighton’s Grand Hotel in Brighton killing 5 people including Sir Anthony Berry, MP for Southgate and a member of the Thatcher government. The bomb hit on the last day of the conservative party conference held at the hotel. The IRA bomber Magee was sentenced to 35 years in prison. He was released after 14 years under the negotiated Good Friday agreement.

The following is from an interview Lisa Rea conducted with Jo Berry, daughter of Sir Anthony Berry. She did this interview from her home in Macclesfield UK. Jo Berry chose to meet with Pat Magee in November 2000. Today the two work together on many initiatives including addressing peace conferences, giving workshops in prisons, and speaking at universities.

Q. How did the meeting(s) happen? What was the process?  Were you, and Pat, adequately prepared to meet? Walk us through what happened.

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Phoebe Prince bullies sentenced, but how do they make things right?

from Stacy Teicher Khadaroo's article in Christian Science Monitor:

Five teens who faced criminal charges for bullying in connection with the 2010 suicide of Phoebe Prince in South Hadley, Mass., have been sentenced to probation and community service.

While the courtroom chapter of the drama in central Massachusetts is largely over, bullying-prevention advocates hope that the work of “restorative justice” has just begun. Now, they say, the defendants should use their experience to help other young people steer clear of bullying and the deep harm it causes.

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Working with relationships, be mindful of your own sense of justice.

from Kim Miner's entry on Restorative Justice and Circles:

....An example of justification in a case:

Both parties charged with disorderly conduct.  Two young women fought.  One threw something at the other, and that “started” it.  Further back in time, they were friends, friend A & B.  Friend A’s boyfriend cheated on her with Friend B.  The friendship ended, the judgements did not, the disagreement escalated, the fight, the court, then restorative justice.  When processing the situation restoratively: 1) acknowledge you caused the harm 2) understand from someone elses point of view 3) recognize where you had a choice 4) make amends and 5) take action to change.

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