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Making progress in restorative justice: A qualitative study

from the abstract of a thesis by John R. Bacon:

This is an exploratory study into how restorative justice (RJ) facilitators made progress before and during a RJ conference. It draws specifically on the experiences of Justice Research Consortium (JRC) facilitators who participated in one of three Home Office funded trials between 2001-4, and the only trial to employ a randomized control design based on the RJ conference model. Qualitative data was collected via focus group meetings and individual interviews.

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Can you work for the victim and the offender?

by Lisa Rea

I had two things happen to me recently that gave me pause. It is the story of two people. One is the story of a crime victim. The other is a story of an ex-offender.

The crime victim lost her husband to murder years ago in California. I've known this woman largely via email for many years as we both have worked for justice reform. This victim worked for an organization in California that often took positions regarding prison and sentencing  policies than have not been positions I could support as an advocate of restorative justice. But regardless, she and I have been "friends". In time, I believe she saw me as a supporter of crime victims, something that I have worked hard to be. She was a good person and a nice human being.

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Keeping it real restorative justice: 5 criteria for a solid program

from Kris Miner's entry on Restorative Justice and Circles:

....So, 5 criteria for you in creating a truly restorative justice program.

1. Define your criteria.  Restorative justice is yes, a philosophical approach, YET specific processes are how we do Restorative Justice.... [G]et criteria for your Circle or conference.  I recently saw a Circle demonstration and there was no open, no close, the talking piece was used as a way to take turns asking questions.  There was no preparation put into the people attending.  Have criteria, stick to those criteria....

Jun 15, 2010 , ,

Expert says alternatives to jail involve efforts of many

from Joseph Cote's article in The Nashua Telegraph:

While restorative probation boards could save the state money by punishing nondangerous offenders in the community instead of jail, Nilson’s underlying philosophy runs deeper.

The process would help give a voice to victims of crime, the literal victims and the community as a victim, Nilson said. That voice is largely absent in western criminal justice systems in which “the state” takes over the role as victim and turns victims into the state’s witnesses, he said.

Jun 09, 2010 ,

Restorative Justice Week 2010 theme announced

from the announcement by CCJC:

The Correctional Service Canada (CSC) - Chaplaincy Branch and Restorative Justice Division and The Church Council on Justice and Corrections (CCJC) are pleased to announce the theme for Restorative Justice Week 2010: Reflexions: Past, Present and Future. This year’s Restorative Justice week will take place November 14 to 21, 2010.

Jun 08, 2010

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