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Restorative justice and cheating in class

from Ben Chun's blog And Yet It Moves: Adventures in Teaching and Technology:

I busted two kids for cheating in my AP Computer Science class today. What I didn’t know last night, while researching and documenting the way they cheated, is how much I would learn from that experience.

....I think in some circles Restorative Justice (RJ) has been presented as or labeled a “soft” solution that avoids actual punishment. But what I saw today was a much more satisfying solution to a the problem than an arbitrary and possibly ineffective punishment. As the dean and I stepped the two students (individually) through the process of answering the set of questions, I decided to throw in my own: “Are there any other cases, in this or any other class, where you crossed the line from research into academic dishonesty or plagiarism?” Now I’m not sure if the answer would have come out via another process, but I want to give some credit to RJ for helping one student admit that, yes, there were other classes in which this happened.

Feb 24, 2011 ,

Restorative justice & restorative mediation

from Julie Speer's blog entry:

This past year I’ve had the good fortune of telling several stories related to restorative justice and restorative mediation. Colorado is leading the way with RJ (Restorative Justice), and has gotten a large grant from the Department of Justice to look at how using RJ can decrease the costs to the system. When offenders go through an RJ process, their rate of recidivism is astonishingly low!

Feb 23, 2011 , , , ,

Stories from victims who had the opportunity for restorative justice

from the Why Me? website:

Why Me? gives victims who have experienced restorative justice the opportunity to tell their stories, through print and broadcast media, as well as directly to politicians and policy makers. We also highlight the benefits of restorative justice through a range of creative means, including drama, film and art. 

The absence of restorative justice in the criminal justice system highlights the lack of respect for the experience of victims and the lack of space for their voice to be heard. Confidence in the system is low. Many people, whether victims or not, feel marginalised, believing that the system is more about offenders than them. Why me is working with all victims who support our aims to find out from them how the criminal justice system can be improved. 

Feb 15, 2011

Alcoholic boy of nine found in thug family during anti-social behaviour crackdown

from Krissy Storrar's article in the Daily Mirror:

Officials probing a family terrorising neighbours were stunned when they found their boy of nine was an alcoholic.

....Residents had been making 13 complaints a month about the thuggish family amid claims of menacing and lewd language, criminal damage, vandalism and threats.

Anti-social behaviour officer Richard Jordan said: “People were so intimidated by this family at least two neighbours moved away just to escape them.

Feb 10, 2011 ,

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