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Circling self-interest and democracy

Restorative Justice, Self-interest and Responsible Citizenship. Lode Walgrave (2008). Culumpton, UK: Willan Publishing. 240 pages.
Doing Democracy with Circles: Engaging Communities in Public Planning. Jennifer Ball, Wayne Caldwell and Kay Pranis (2010). St Paul, MN: Living Justice Press. 187 pages.

reviewed by Dan Van Ness

Lode Walgrave begins his exceptional 2008 book Restorative Justice, Self-interest and Responsible Citizenship like many writers on restorative justice. He reviews the ancient and recent history of restorative approaches, proposes and explains a definition of restorative justice, and outlines various restorative schemes. He then contrasts restorative approaches from contemporary criminal practice and identifies ways in which the former resolves practical and ethical problems of the latter.

The person who crosses this familiar territory with Lode is well rewarded because he writes with analytical precision, a scholar’s restraint, and the passion of someone with conviction. He has much to say that is worth hearing. He once again explains clearly why he favours a maximalist definition of restorative justice, one that is not limited to deliberative schemes but which applies only to harm caused by crime. He carefully and thoroughly builds his case against punishment and against restorative justice being considered an alternative punishment rather than an alternative to punishment.

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