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Alphabetical Listing

Alphabetical listing of restorative justice websites highlighted on RJ Online.

Crime Victims for A Just Society
Crime Victims for a Just Society provides an opportunity for crime victims and others who care to lend their voices and their talents to efforts to create a more just society. Through outreach, education, and training, we can offer information and expertise in cutting-edge concepts, from community policing to restorative justice to violence reduction through a public-health model.
Deep Humanity Institute
Deep Humanity Institute is a nonprofit corporation that provides learning adventures in community building, peacemaking, communication, and restorative justice.
Dispute Resolution Foundation
Dispute Resolution Foundation is a Jamaican NGO promoting the use of mediation throughout Jamaica. The organization offers mediation training, mediation services, and Justice Centre staffing.
European Forum for Restorative Justice
The general aim of the Forum is to help establish and develop victim-offender mediation and other restorative justice practices throughout Europe.
Family Group Decision Making Project: Newfoundland and Labrador
This study evaluated the outcomes from an implementation study in which 32 families sampled to yield difficult abuse/neglect situations; 472 people took part in 37 conferences; and 3 diverse sites --­ Inuit, rural, and urban --­ hosted the project in Newfoundland & Labrador. The implementation study was funded through Family Violence Initiatives (Health, Justice, and Solicitor General of Canada) and co-sponsored in Nain by the Labrador Inuit Health Commission.
Fort Collins , CO --Restorative Justice Services
Fort Collins Restorative Justice Services includes two programs; the Restorative Justice Conferencing Program (RJCP) and the RESTORE Program. RJCP provides restorative justice services for young offenders (10-20) who commit offenses in Fort Collins, and for the victims of their crimes and our community. In RESTORE, similar services are provided in a group setting for shoplifting offenses only. (excerpt)
Fraser Region Community Justice Initiative
CJI is a non-profit society based in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. The agency has more than 20 years of experience providing conflict resolution services within a restorative justice framework in such settings as the criminal justice system, workplace, community, institutions, organizations, churches, schools and businesses, and for private individuals. First organized through the efforts of Langley Mennonite Fellowship, CJI has grown into a multi-faceted organization that operates a number of programs and offers extensive training services.
Glasgow Restorative Justice Service
The Restorative Justice Service was formed in April 2003 and officially launched in August of the same year. The service works in partnership with a number of agencies including Strathclyde Police, the Children's Reporter, Strathclyde Fire and Rescue, British Transport Police along with City Council services such as Culture & Leisure Youth Services. (excerpt)
Heartspeak Productions
Heartspeak Productions seeks to help build awareness, understanding and practice of restorative justice through the creation of multimedia resources, and dialogue with others passionate about the cause. By producing educational materials for professionals, practitioners and members of the public, we hope to contribute to collective efforts to build and maintain healthier and safer communities. (Description from website).
INCORE aims to address the management and resolution of conflict via a combination of research, training, and other activities which inform and influence national and international organisations working in the field of conflict. Includes thematic resource pages on Restorative Justice, Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and Mediation.
Inside Out Trust
This Inside Out Trust develops in prison programming based on restorative justice principles.
International Forgiveness Institute
The International Forgiveness Institute seeks to disseminate sound, accurate information about forgiveness to people across the globe. They engage as well in action-oriented programs, helping individuals, families, and communities to explore and implement forgiveness for the purpose of restoring healthy emotions, rebuilding relationships, and establishing more peaceful communities.
International Institute of Restorative Practices
The International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) is a non-profit organization that provides education, consulting and research in support of the development of restorative practices around the world (from website).
International Victimology Website
The Government of the Netherlands sponsors this website, which presents a database on national practices, case law and legislation, and use and application of the UN Declaration of Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power. The IVW was launched in June 1999 as a resource for all those interested in improving justice for victims of crime and abuse of power.
Just Peace International
Just Peace International is a civil society initiative in Pakistan that promotes methods of conflict transformation. It highlights resources in regional languages as well as English on restorative justice, Pukhtoon Jirga and peace building.
Justice Fellowship
Justice Fellowship, a non-profit public policy organization, is dedicated to advancing Biblically based restorative justice principles throughout the United States.
Justice Reflections
Justice Reflections is a journal “linking Christian ideas with matters of justice." This site provides information about the journal, subscriptions, free sample articles, and tables of contents from each issue.
JustPeace: Center for Mediation and Conflict Transformation
JUSTPEACE is a mission of The United Methodist Church to engage conflict constructively in ways that strive for justice, reconciliation, resource preservation and restoration of community in and through The United Methodist Church and with the Church universal to the world in which we live. (from the website)
Khulisa is a non-governmental organization providing community development programmes and reintegration and rehabilitation programmes for at-risk youth and young offenders. Restorative justice philosophy underpins the organization's work to rebuild relationships between the offenders, their families and the community.
Leeds Youth Offending Service
Leeds Youth Offending Team works with children, young people and their families to prevent and to challenge offending, encourage responsibility, to develop victim empathy and reduce the fear of crime within the community (excerpt from site).

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