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Alphabetical Listing

Alphabetical listing of restorative justice websites highlighted on RJ Online.

Real Justice
REAL JUSTICE is a not-for-profit program dedicated to fostering the spread of "conferencing," a restorative justice process. This site contains papers, bibliography, and resources concerning restorative justice, conferencing, and the REAL JUSTICE program.
Relationships Foundation
The Relationships Foundation seeks to see the importance of relationships recognised and acted upon at all levels of public life and, by doing so, help create an environment where relationships can flourish. The Relationships Foundation's first project was relational justice.
Restorative Justice Center-South Africa
This RJ center in Pretoria, South Africa recognizes that there are many different Restorative Justice approaches and methods. They have tried to gather as many of these as possible on this website, as well as specific programmes within the Restorative Justice field.
Restorative Justice Community Action, Inc.
Restorative Justice Community Action (RJCA) works in Minneapolis neighborhoods to enhance offender accountability for urban livability crimes by empowering local citizens to participate directly in the justice process. (excerpt)
Restorative Justice Council
The Restorative Justice Council was formed in 1997 (its name then was Restorative Justice Consortium) with the purpose of bringing together a wide range of organisations in England and Wales that have an interest in Restorative Justice. Its purpose is to provide quality assurance and the national voice for restorative justice.
Restorative Justice in Action
From the website: This site is comprised of images, quotation and video clips of the various guests of a 10 part television series exploring restorative justice practice in Cook County, Illinois, in the desire to highlight the practices, challenges and achievements of selected members of the Chicago "City-Wide Restorative Justice Committee", as well as the strides of educators, jurists, social service workers, advocates, community leaders and others dedicated to changing the way society approaches injustice, incarceration and education.
Restorative Justice in Scotland
The goal of the Restorative Justice in Scotland website is: 1)To provide up-to-date information about the use of restorative justice in Scotland; 2) To provide a service to the restorative justice community in Scotland; 3) To enable the wider international community to gain insight into the current status of restorative justice applications in Scotland.
Restorative Justice Initiative, Marquette Law School
The Restorative Justice Initiative of Marquette Law School’s Program in Alternative Dispute Resolution promotes scholarship, research, and dialogue on restorative justice. The Initiative serves as a resource for victims, communities, and restorative justice organizations, and as a restorative justice clinical experience for law students.
Restorative Justice Programs of Taylor County
Restorative Justice Programs of Taylor County will continue, enhance and expand restorative justice based programs designed to reduce juvenile delinquency and recidivism by creating stronger bonds between juvenile offenders, their victims and the community as a whole.(excerpt)
Restorative Justice Project
Restorative Justice Project (RJP) is a program of the Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies (PACS) at Fresno Pacific University. It serves as a resource and training center. The site contains papers, bibliography and information about project events.
Restorative Justice Project of the Frank J. Remington Center
The Remington Center’s Restorative Justice Project offers law students an opportunity to work outside of the adversarial processes which characterize most of the criminal justice system. The project gives students the opportunity to practice mediation skills and assess the effectiveness of an alternative dispute resolution process in the criminal justice field.
Restorative Justice Research Unit
The restorative justice research unit [of Murdoch University] incorporates all aspects of restorative justice in the criminal justice system, including research into various aspects of imprisonment as well as the use of restorative processes in the workplace, schools and community. The Unit also focuses on the use of restorative justice processes as a tool to promote healing within Indigenous communities impacted by intergenerational trauma, violence and child sexual abuse. (excerpt from site)
Restorative Justice Unit New South Wales Dept. of Corrective Services
The Restorative Justice Unit is a section of the NSW Department of Corrective Services set up in 1999 as a three year pilot project to provide post-sentence Victim-Offender Family Group Conferencing and Protective Mediation.
Restorative Justice: Healing the Effects of Crime
This page, facilitated by Tom Cavanagh, contains several forums and a set of papers with opportunities for dialogue.
Restore is an outreach of the California Catholic Conference offering healing and support to everyone affected by the criminal justice system throughout the U.S. This site is made possible by a grant from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development at the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops. (Excerpt)
A programme of the University of Arizona MEZA College of Public Health, RESTORE offers alternatives to survivors of sexual assault and those committing such offenses.
RJ Search: Restorative Justice Research
This meta search tool indexes several websites related to restorative justice.
This website contains some of Jonathan Burnside’s work exploring the relationship between law, theology and criminology from theoretical and applied perspectives, beginning with Relational Justice: Repairing the Breach (1994, Waterside Press). (Description from Website.)
South St. Paul Restorative Justice Council
The South St. Paul Restorative Justice Council is a community based organization offering restorative justice services in a variety of areas.
StopViolence is an ongoing project of Dr Paul Leighton and his students at Eastern Michigan University, related to social problems and violence. It includes a review of state restorative justice legislation in the United States.

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